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War Heroes Comic Books  1963 series  
24 Hour Sale
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War Heroes comic books
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War Heroes covers

Sales Rank  #954    See Top 2,500
Publisher    Charlton     •     War  
First Issue  #1 - February 1963     Last  #27 - November 1967
XX Issues in red shown below    
1-25 26-27

        We have 1 of the 27 issues.  
 Click to view issue #   4  
    Issues  # 1-25

War Heroes #1 - #3
                                                     are out-of-stock.                              Show out-of-stock issues.

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      War Heroes #4      
War Heroes #4 comic books - cover scans photos War Heroes #4 comic books - covers, picture gallery Larger
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War Heroes #5 - #25
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Limit: 25 books on List

      1-25         Go to issues  26-27  
Issues per page:  25   50

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    Then, we add up all those other comic books purchased by people buying any War Heroes comic books, and rank them.  The comic books most often bought by comic book readers buying any copies of War Heroes comic books is displayed first.

    So, for everyone buying War Heroes comic books, the other comic books they most often buy are shown above.
   The comic books shown are not guesses of other comic books you will like.  They are the result of the buying preferences of thousands of comic book buyers of War Heroes comic books here at our online comic book store.  They are the other comic books that our comic book buyers buy, along with their War Heroes comic books.

    You benefit from the preferences of thousands of other readers of comic books.  So, if you enjoy War Heroes comic books, check out the other comic books enjoyed by comic book buyers of War Heroes comic books.  Click the comic's cover or name and you'll go to that comic book.

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  9     Mad Magazine  
10     Detective Comics   1937 series

11     Justice League of America comic books   1960 series
12     Uncanny X-Men comic books   1981 series
13     Incredible Hulk comic books   1968 series
14     Action Comics   1938 series
15     Superman comic books   1939 series
16     Captain America comic books   1968 series
17     Classics Illustrated   1941 series
18     Wolverine comic books   1988 series
19     Wonder Woman   1942 series
20     Green Lantern comic books   1960 series

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