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Top Selling Comic Books

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1Journey into Mystery   1952 series
2Four Color Comics
3Jonah Hex   1977 series
4Defenders   1972 series
5Daredevil   1964 series
6Tarzan   1948 series
7Iron Man   1968 series
8Howard the Duck   1976 series
9Classics Illustrated Junior   1953 series
10War   1975 series
11Wolverine: The Origin
13Ms. Marvel   1977 series
14Marvel Team-Up   1972 series
15Treasure Chest: Volume 27
17Our Army at War   1952 series
18New Mutants   1983 series
19Detective Comics   1937 series
21Action Comics   1938 series
22Adventure Comics   1938 series
23Moon Knight   2014 series
24Swamp Thing   1972 series

Archie's Girls: Betty and Veronica

26Huckleberry Hound   1959 series
28Limited Collectors' Edition
29Star Trek   1989 series
30Archie's Madhouse
31Savage Sword of Conan   1974 series
32Wolverine   1988 series
33Little Rascals
34Thor   1966 series
35Amazing Spider-Man   1963 series
361st Issue Special
37Battlestar Galactica   1979 series
38Batman   1940 series
39Fantastic Four   1961 series
40Silver Surfer   1987 series
41Sgt. Rock's Prize Battle Tales
42Mighty Marvel Western
43Famous First Edition
44Superman   1939 series
45Outlaw Kid   1970 series
46DC 100 Page Super Spectacular
47Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles   1984 series
48Six Million Dollar Man   June 1976 series
49Vampirella   1992 series

Monsters Unleashed

51Big Trouble in Little China
52X-Factor   1986 series
53Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe   1985 series
54Space: 1999
55Walt Disney's Donald Duck Adventures   1987 series
56Invaders   1975 series
57Journey into Mystery   1972 series
58Midnight Tales
59Justice League   1987 series
60Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane
61Star Wars   2015 series
62Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire
63X-Men   1963 series
64Man-Thing   1979 series
65Patsy & Hedy
66G.I. Joe Order of Battle
67Knights of the Dinner Table
68Spider-Man   1990 series
69Distant Soil   1983 series
71Sgt. Rock Special   1988 series
72Fantasy Masterpieces   1979 series
73Chamber of Chills   1951 series
74Question   1987 series

Batman   2011 series

76Star Trek   1980 series
77Bullwinkle   Nov 1962 series
78Night Nurse
80Peter Porkchops
81Secret Wars II
82Spider-Woman   1978 series
83Spectacular Spider-Man   1976 series
85Uncanny X-Men   1981 series
86New Teen Titans   1980 series
87Tarzan: Lord of the Jungle
88X-Force   1991 series
89Walt Disney's Comics and Stories
90Green Lantern   1960 series
91Saga of Ra's Al Ghul
92Uncle Scrooge
93Cable   1993 series
94Blackhawk   1944 series
95Web of Spider-Man   1985 series
96Fightin' Air Force
97Werewolf By Night   1972 series
98Love Problems and Advice Illustrated
99Spider-Man and the Uncanny X-Men

Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen

101Avengers   1963 series
102Batman: The Long Halloween
103Sgt. Fury
104Amazing Spider-Man vs. The Hulk   Supplement to the Columbus Dispatch
105Invaders   1967 series
106Rip Hunter Time Master
107Dell Giant Comics: Mickey Mouse in Frontierland
108West Coast Avengers   1984 series
109Vision and the Scarlet Witch   1985 series
110Amazing Spider-Man   2003 series
111Ms. Marvel   2006 series
112My Friend Irma
113Batman/Tarzan: Claws of the Cat-Woman
114Checkmate   1962 series
115Kitty Pryde and Wolverine
116Beavis and Butt-head
117Way of the Rat
118Flippity & Flop
119Havok & Wolverine - Meltdown
120Little Lulu
121Secret Warriors
122Tippy's Friends Go-Go & Animal
123Avengers   2013 series
124World's Finest   1990 series

Doom Patrol   1987 series

126Suicide Squad   1987 series
127Evel Knievel
128Tastee-Freez Comics
129Time Masters
130Superman in the Seventies
131Clive Barker's Hellraiser   1989 series
132DC Comics Presents
133Batman: Son of the Demon
135Domination Factor: Avengers
136Where Creatures Roam
137Incredible Hulk   1968 series
138Shanna: The She-Devil   1972 series
139Jungle Tales of Tarzan
140Joe Palooka   1945 series
141Harvey Collectors Comics
142Circus Boy
143Thunderbolts   1997 series
144Thor   2007 series
145Cosmic Powers
146Sandman Mystery Theatre   1993 series
147Leave It to Binky
148Hulk   2014 series
149Yogi Bear   1959 series

Empire Lanes   1986 series

151Superman Unchained
152Justice League   2011 series
153Vengeance   2011 series
154Sensational She-Hulk
155Swamp Thing   1982 series
156Deadpool   1997 series
157Batman: Gotham by Gaslight
158Moon Knight   1980 series
159Ultimate Spider-Man   2000 series
160All-New X-Men
161Alpha Flight   1983 series
162First Love Illustrated
163Punisher   1987 series
164Marvel Milestone Edition
165DC Special
166Justice League of America   1960 series
167Nick Fury vs. S.H.I.E.L.D.
168Arak/Son of Thunder
169Wetworks   1994 series
170Wonder Man   2007 series
171Power Man
172Marvel Premiere
173Giant-Size Chillers   1975 series
174Ragman   1976 series


176Shadow Strikes!
177Batman and the Outsiders   1983 series
178Iron Man   1998 series
179Tales of Terror   1985 series
180Astonishing Tales   1970 series
181Amazing Adventures   1979 series
182Marvel Two-In-One   1974 series
183Superman/Gen 13
184Adventures on the Planet of the Apes
185Punisher War Journal   2007 series
186Hawkman   1986 series
187Hollywood Film Stories
188Marvel and DC Present featuring the Uncanny X-Men and the New Teen Titans
190Warlock and the Infinity Watch
191Namor: The Sub-Mariner
192Spidey Super Stories
193Captain Action   1968 series
195Roman Holidays
196Monsters on the Prowl
197Incredible Hercules
198Little Lotta   1955 series
199Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme


201Combat Zone: True Tales of the GIs in Iraq
202Justice   2005 series
204Dark Reign: Sinister Spider-Man
205Daredevil   1998 series
206X-Men 2099
207Richie Rich Dollars & Cents
208New Teen Titans: Keebler Company Promotion
209Hawk & Dove   2011 series
211Marvel Tales   1964 series
212Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan: The Return of Tarzan
213Darth Vader
214Nightcrawler   2004 series
215Shadowland   2010 series
216Walking Dead   2003 series
217Superman Doomed
218Sad Sack with Sarge and Sadie
219X-Men   2004 series
220Essential Luke Cage: Power Man
221Ant-Man   2015 series
222Young All-Stars
223Baby Huey and Papa

Invincible Iron Man   2011 series

226All-New Captain America
227Aliens vs. Predator
228X-Men Archives Featuring Captain Britain
229Codename: Stryke Force
230Firestorm: The Nuclear Man
231Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men
232Kid Eternity   1993 series
233Captain Britain   1976 series
234Aliens/Predator: The Deadliest of the Species
235DC: The New Frontier
236Wetworks   2006 series
239Shadowland: Blood on the Streets
240Daniel Boone   1965 series
241Nomad   1990 series
242Iron Man: Rapture
243Deathlok Special
244Invincible Iron Man   2008 series
245Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Ground Zero
246Daredevil   2009 series
247Dark Reign: Hawkeye
248Black Panther   1998 series
249Waterworld: Children of the Leviathan

Batman Chronicles

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