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You Deserve
a Reliable Comic Book Store

By Jim Drucker, CEO,

125 Noble St., 3rd Floor • Norristown, PA 19401
610-277-3000 - Office hours: Weekdays, 10 am - 6 pm EST

     When I started buying comic books online for my collection, I was amazed at the awful job many sellers were doing.

      Some graded comic books accurately, but protected them poorly.
      Some packed the comic books carefully but didn't ship them for 10 days.
      Some shipped them fast but the books were over-priced.

      No one, it seemed, was even trying to do everything right.   In contrast,
I wanted to create the world's best Comic Book Store  where you could depend on
  • Accurate and Honest Grading
  • Secure Packaging
  • Fast Delivery
  • Low Prices
  • Safe Transactions
  • Great Customer Service
  • ®
            Now, later, how are we doing?  Over 2,500 customers have reviewed us at Read their uncensored reviews.

    Also, read what the Philadelphia Inquirer
    says about us: online version   print version

    We Searched for Great Ideas

          Here's how we got started. First, we bought from about 100 online sellers to see everyone elses good ideas.

          One person protected each comic with a comic bag and cardboard so it wouldn't bend. We copied that idea.

          Another shipped books in an unbendable box - we copied that idea too. When we couldn't find a box the right size we got boxes custom-made. We didn't want your books moving around which can crush their corners.  Soon, we had lots of great ideas.

    We Believe You Deserve ...

    1.   Great Customer Service

    Contact us easily

          Have a question?   Click the button to the right

    Or call us at 610-277-3000, Monday -Friday, 10 am - 6 pm EST

          Or email us at and we'll reply Wednesday by 2 p.m. EST
          We hate stores where you can't find anyone to talk to. That stinks. We respond fast because we know the more we help you, the more you'll like shopping with us.

          For example, if you ever email us, good or bad, we respond fast and then we post your email so everyone will know their work is appreciated, or if there's a problem, we make them aware so they don't repeat a problem.

    We read, then post your emails.

    We confirm your order

          After you click the "Place Your Order" button, you'll see a Receipt if you pay by credit or debit card or Paypal, or an Invoice if paying by check or money order. Seeing either means we received your order.

    We send an email when we ship your order

          The email includes the estimated delivery date and a Tracking Number.

    Listen to Our Customers


    2.   100% Money-Back guarantee

          You can return any book for a full refund  We'll even pay the return shipping.  We want you fully satisfied.  If you're not, return it.  I'm not sure anyone else pays return shipping, but heck if you return it, you shouldn't have to pay to return it. It's only fair!

        If we sell 5,000 comics, we'll get 1 or 2 back. Sometimes we miss a defect (no one is perfect) and sometimes the customer is a tough cookie. But, we grade carefully so it's not a big problem.

    3.   US Shipping $4.75 on orders over $15  $5.99 if under $15

          I once bought 1 comic book on eBay for $20 and was charged $10 for shipping which cost him $4.50.  What a rip off!   In contrast, in the USA you get Standard delivery on orders over $15 for $4.75 ($5.99 on orders under $15).  Faster delivery is also available.

          Inexpensive shipping outside the USA

          Airmail to Canada is $8.50 plus $.99 per book.

          Airmail to all other countries is $12.99 plus $1.25 per book, which basically breaks us even on the shipping and packaging.  Faster FedEx delivery is also available.

    4.   Fast shipping

    Comic Book store with same day shipping
      Order weekdays or Saturday by 5 p.m. EST and we ship the same day. Order Sunday and we ship on Monday. Order now, we ship Wednesday.

    5.   Accurate, Honest Grading

          When we bought those 100 comic books, the grading was a mess -- some "Near Mint" comic books had torn covers, some "Very Good" comics were only in "Good" condition.

          Most sellers graded very fairly. We copied that. But we needed a better way to accurately grade thousands of comic books. The Overstreet Price Guide didn't help much, because its rules for a comic's condition are spread over two poorly organized pages and are difficult to understand.
    Comic grading
          So, we made a chart summarizing the rules. Suddenly grading got easier. Our chart shows you what is wrong (and right) with each comic. For a full size chart, click here and refer to it while shopping.

    6.   Safe packing

        We pack every comic in a comic book bag and place it on a comic book board to protect it. Then, we pack them in an unbendable box for extra protection.

        We also stamp Fragile on your box.

    7.   Free insurance

          Did I mention that your package is fully insured? Nope, I don't think I did. So, if someone bends our unbendable box, or if a 4,000 pound elephant steps on your package, don't worry, because our insurance will pay to replace it.

          We pay for insurance because I once bought an expensive comic that was damaged in shipping and had to fight for a refund. What a drag! I never want to put you through that.

          We've sent hundreds of thousands of books and we've had only 5 damaged packages ... or is it 6? I'm not sure because it happens so rarely I don't remember. A damaged book is another thing you don't have to worry about here.

    8.   Don't worry about debit or crebit card fraud
          We use state-of-the-art security technology with names that the tech guys know. Basically, sending a card number over the internet is pretty safe. If someone charges without your permission, just contact your card company and they'll remove the charges from your account. You pay nothing.

          Since 2000, we've sold over 2 million comic books online and not one person has had their card information stolen or in any way compromised from ordering on our website.

          I think you run a greater risk when you give your card to a strange waiter and he walks away with your card.

          For extra security, we also ask for your card's security number. It's a 3-digit number on the back of Visa, Discover or MasterCards or a 4-digit number on the front of American Express cards.

          But, here's the best reason to use a card or PayPal -- your books are shipped right away. Pay by money order or check and you have to write a check or buy a money order, find an envelope, buy a stamp and mail it. Then wait until we get it.

          Pay with PayPal or a card and you'll have your books much sooner.

    9.   Lowest Prices in the World

          Our prices are low and keep dropping.

          Every comic is priced below its Overstreet Price Guide value. Then, its price drops `each day it remains unsold. This way, you decide its sale price.

          Here's an example: Top titles usually sell quickly at the Overstreet price. But for some books Overstreet is really off base. $4.50 for Deathblow #1? I don't think so. More importantly, you don't think so. Deathblow #1 has dropped from it's original price of $4.50 to 88¢ and still no one is buying it. So, is Overstreet accurate? Not for Deathblow #1. But, when Deathblow's price drops far enough, someone will buy it. The lower price it eventually sells for is its real value. And who sets that value? The customer who buys it!

          But don't wait too long, we've shipped to 90 countries, and some rich oil sheik in Abu Dhabi, or a student in Iowa may be about to buy that book you're hoping will still be there in a few weeks at a lower price.

          By the way, Jerry Seinfeld once mentioned Deathblow on his TV show, so you'd think they'd be selling like crazy. They're not.

    10.  Free comic books!

    Free       Well, hey, we wanted something for the big finish.
    You can get FREE comic books with your order! Not valueless garbage like Warriors of Plasm #7... but comics we've gotten great deals on, like X-Men (1991 series) #1. For our freebie list, add $9 of books to your Cart and then click "Free Comic List" in the   green area   of the Cart page.


    Elsewhere you're buying just a comic book, but at NewKadia you get much more.

    Overstreet prices or lowerYes
    Protected by comic bag & boardYes
    Shipped in unbendable boxYes
    Money-back guaranteeYes
    Free shipping insuranceYes
    Free shipping on returnsYes
    Discounts on future ordersYes
    Secure Socket TechnologyYes
    Free comicsYes - US $9 and up

    The Future

 opened Jan. 1, 2000, and in the
    we've been in business, we've constantly believed we always have to improve everything. We have a "to do" list, and I'm not kidding, there are 209 things on the list. Each is designed to make shopping easier.

          Right now we only sell comic books -- and we're the world's largest internet-only comic book store.

    Take a video tour of our 750,000 comic books in stock

    What do 3/4 million comic books look like?
    This picture shows about 250,000.

      We don't sell Spider-Man posters or Superman action figures.  We may some day, but we're focusing on being the most reliable and trustworthy comic book store in the world.

    Jim Drucker
    and the NewKadia Team

    Since 2009

    Since 2007

    Since 2010


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      5   Category
         >  Ages 3-6
         >  Disney
         >  Female heroes
         >  Ghosts
         >  Love
         >  Movies
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      7   Date
         >  1992-17  Modern
         >  1984-91  Copper
         >  1970-83  Bronze
         >  1956-69  Silver
         >  1939-55  Golden
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