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Selling Comics?
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Jim Drucker

    Hi, I'm Jim Drucker of NewKadia.

    I'll help you get good value for your comics. Join 800 other sellers who get top dollar.

    Over 2.3 million comics sold. Read about our program. Then, call me at the number below.
1.  The more valuable a book, the more you make.
Rates for Individuals

    Here are the rates for fewer than 5,000 comics. If you have more, call 610-277-3000.

  You get *     when a book sells for
80%$500 or more
70%$250 to $499.99
60%$100 to $249.99
55%$50 to $99.99
50%$25 to $49.99
Read examplesunder $50
 * Less a per book fee described below
Rates for Comic Book Store Owners

    To discuss rates, call us at 610-277-3000, weekdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.


    We'll help you get good value for your comics. We will orchestrate every detail -- grading, appraising and listing each book for sale and marketing it to buyers worldwide. NewKadia has a proven record in maximizing your profit.

    We individually grade and list every book at its current market price. Your payments are based on the true value of each comic book. Click for a sample of the reports you'll be able to view online.
Selling in bulk
to someone else

        When collections are sold in bulk a great deal of profit is often left on the table. Have you graded and appraised each of your books at today's market prices?  Let NewKadia's 20 years of experience work for you.

    You'll earn more working with us than selling all the comics in bulk. For example, one comic published in 2003 sold in 2012 for $10,000. If you sell in bulk would you recognize that book was in your collection?


Price paid *$798.00 $495.00 $195.00 $99.50 $49.00 $19.00 $5.00
Percentage** 80% 70% 60% 55% 50% 50% 50%
Sub-total$638.40 $346.50 $117.00 $54.73 $24.50 $9.50 $2.50
Per book fee *** - $2.99 - $2.99 - $2.99 - $2.99 - $2.99 - $2.99 - $2.99
We Pay You$635.41 $343.51 $114.01 $51.74 $21.51 $6.51 $ .20***
Your Share79.6% 69.4% 58.5% 52.0% 43.9% 34.3% 4.0%
* The per book fee is:
      A.  $3.99, or
      B.  $4.19 if we arrange to have the books shipped to us, or
      C.  $2.99 for books with a cover price 35¢ or less
            if you send 250 or more with a cover price 35¢ or less.

    The fee is our charge for a comic bag and board, grading chart, storage, insurance, and labor - unpacking, professional grading, bagging and boarding it.

    For books in lesser demand and/or greater supply -- those that don't sell within 4 months (122 days), the per book fee increses by $1.
If your per book fee is
  •  $2.99, you receive more than 20¢ only when a DC or Marvel comic sells for $6.38 or more.
  •  $3.99, you receive more than 20¢ only when a DC or Marvel comic sells for $8.38 or more.
  •  $4.99, you receive more than 20¢ only when a DC or Marvel comic sells for $10.38 or more.

    For example, if a DC or Marvel priced over 35¢ comic sells for $8 within the first 4 months, your share will be $0.20 ($8 x 50% = $4, minus $3.99 = $0.01. Instead, you get the $0.20 minimum. If most of your books have a cover price of over 35¢ you should explore other alternatives before you ship comics to us.
      Another example:   You sent us more than 250 books with a cover price of 35¢ or less. One of them has an Overstreet Guide value of $215.   We list it for $215.   Every month it remains unsold, its price drops 1/5th of 1%.  In 2 months its price is $214.14.  And, in this example, it's bought with a 10% coupon, reducing its price by $21.41. The price paid in this example is $192.75.  We pay you 60% ($115.65) minus $2.99 = $112.66.
*  The price paid is the amount received by NewKadia, after any discounts and coupons are subtracted.

**  'Percentage' is the percentage used to start the calculation of your share of the sale price. Once the per book fee is also deducted, your share of the price paid will be less than the percentage listed.

***  If the per book fee is more than the Sub-total, your share is $0.20 for any DC or Marvel comic, or $0.10 for a comic from any other publisher.

2.   It's Easy
Save time with NewKadia vs. selling on eBay or other websites.

We do all your work. Ebay won't.
What is done for you...   eBay  
Grade each bookYesNo
Write an adYesNo
Scan the coverYesNo
Buy mailing boxesYesNo
Pack each orderYesNo
Type shipping labelsYesNo
Go to the post officeYesNo
Deal with lost packagesYesNo
Deal with customer complaintsYesNo
Answer customer questionsYesNo
Deal with bounced checksYesNo

3.   Get paid

      Each month you get a check for the books sold.  After 48 months, for unsold books you tell us to:
        a.  Keep selling them, or
        b.  Return them to you (at our expense).

Frequently asked questions

How long has NewKadia been in business?
    Since Jan. 1, 2000.
    That's .

How do I track my sales?

    You Get Real Time Internet Access to Your Inventory!

    Track your sales on a private page on our website. Here's an example of a seller's actual sales report. (from April 30, 2011). He sent us 19 books, which went on sale March 17, 2011.

    53% sold in the first 40 days. He got $1,994.88 of the $2,713.86 received (73.5%).

Here is his report showing unsold books on April 30, 2011

All these unsold books were sold by Dec. 11, 2011 (8 1/2 months)

Why does NewKadia pay sellers more than local stores?

    In 1999, I was looking to sell my own collection. I sent a list of my 800 comics to 27 comic book stores. The price guide said they were worth $10,400. The only offer I got was $325. So I started selling my comics myself, online.

    Now, years later, we sell a quarter of a million comics each year, representing most every comic book character, era and publisher.

    We can pay you a higher percentage and still make a fair profit because:

    ●   As an online store, our expenses are much lower than local comic book stores.
    ●   Because we're selling thousands more comics than a local store can, we can afford to pay you a higher percentage per book. What we give up per book, we make up in volume.

    With over 1.6 million shoppers visiting our online store each year, and our proprietary pricing software, we find a buyer for every comic. With customers all over the world, we can turn your comic books into cash faster than anyone.

How big is NewKadia?

    We're the biggest internet-only comic store in the world and we sell about 22,000 comic books each month.

    In 2019, over 1.6 million shoppers visited our online store -- that's 133,000 shoppers each month.

    Read more about our success here

Take a quick video tour of our fulfillment center

What are my comics worth?

    It's impossible to give you an exact value until we grade each comic. That's because a comic's value is based on:  (1) What issue it is and
(2)  its condition.
  • •  To determine a comic's title and issue number, go to the small print (usually at the bottom of page 1) and read its official title and issue number. Then, search for the comic at NewKadia. Its Overstreet Price Guide value is listed with the issue.

  •     A key factor is the demand for the comic. Many people would like the first Superman comic, but only a few exist. So, a copy recently sold for $2.4 million. In contast, the first issue of New Mutants is in great supply and fewer people want one. The result -- it's worth $4.

        Our prices reflect "supply and demand". The longer a comic remains unbought, the more we discount it from its Overstreet Price Guide value, Why? Because Overstreet is just that ... a guide. A comic's real value is what someone is willing to pay for it. So, if a comic isn't selling at its Overstreet "Guide" price, we drop its price a tiny amount (a maximum of 1/5th of 1% per month - 2¢ on a $10 comic) until it hits the price where one of the 1.6 million people who visit NewKadia each year will buy it.

  • •  To see the criteria we use to grade each book, click here.
    But remember, the REAL VALUE of any comic is the sale price, MINUS YOUR COST (in time and advertising) to FIND that buyer. So, an Overstreet Guide value is pretty much meaningless unless you can reach potential buyers. Essentially an Overstreet "value" is a guess at its GROSS value, before deducting the cost of selling it.
  • Can you reach 1.6 million comic shoppers each year to display your comics?
  • What would your advertising cost be to find a buyer for each book?
    You must subtract your actual costs and the value of your time from a book's sale price, to determine its real NET value. Or, have NewKadia sell your comics and avoid the cost and save the time. When we sell each book, NewKadia's percentage and per book fee are your costs. And you don't pay the fees unless and until we sell the book.

    Our program isn't for everyone. If most all of your comics are valued under $8.50 you might want to try other options because your share of sales will be quite low.

Which comics will sell fastest?

    1.  Comics that we are out of stock of will sell the fastest. Especially those a customer has put on their 'Want List' and we'll list them for you.

        A.  We can provide you with a list of issues that customers have put on their Want List.

        B.  And, you can review a list of issues of our best sellers that are out of stock by clicking here.

    These will sell the fastest.

How fast will my other comics sell?

The two biggest factors in determining how fast your books will sell are:
  • The condition of the comic

    Generally, if we have several copies of the same comic, the one in the best condition sells fastest (because collectors want the best). Copies in the worst condition also sell fast because they are much less expensive. As a result, comics without covers often sell quickly.

  • The popularity of the comic

    We stock over 15,800 different comic book titles. For example, Amazing Spider-Man (1963 series) has 441 different issues, but for our list it is considered one title.

    Click here for top 1,000 sellers. If your comics are on the list, they should sell faster than titles not at the top on the list.

Will comic buyers find my books on Google?

    Yes!   For example, do a Google sarch for "Amazing Spider-Man comic books for sale" -- we're usually in the top 5 results (out of 3.4 million Google results). And we're usually listed ABOVE both Amazon and eBay.   Click here to see.

Does NewKadia get news coverage?

    Yes.  Read stories about us from the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and in other newspapers in Oregon, Florida, Indiana, Wisconsin, Kansas, etc. and our local daily.

Watch this CBS TV newscast about us

Does NewKadia advertise?

    Yes.  We spend about $75,000 per year advertising on Google and elsewhere to attract buyers.

How accurately will you grade my comics?

    Our professional grading team has graded over 2 million comic books.  Approximately 1 in 9,100 books is returned with a claim that it was mis-graded. That's a customer satisfaction rate of over 99.98%

How many people sell with NewKadia?

    Over 800 people have sold their comics with us.  No amount is too small or too big.  One seller sold 1 book only (it was X-Men #1).  In contrast, the biggest seller has sold over 78,000 comics.  
Are my books insured and safe?
    Yes. Our fulfillment center is fully insured. Located in suburban Philadelphia, we occupy the entire third floor of this brick building. Our insurance protects our inventory from fire, theft and storm damage. We have never suffered any loss.

    We selected the third floor to avoid incidental lower floor water damage. Our entire facility is protected by two burglar alarm systems. One protects the entire 88,000 square foot building; a second protects our space.

    The freight elevator connects to our loading dock, where FedEx and USPS trucks pick up our customer packages and deliver your books to us.

Our processing center, warehouse and office building.

Jim Drucker

  Call me

    Ask me questions and get references
    from people who have made money with us.

    Hear for yourself how easy it is.

    Call me weekdays 10 am to 5 pm EST at 610-277-3000

First, fill-in the blanks by typing, then ... Your pop-up blocker must be turned off
Consignment Agreement for NewKadia to sell your comic books
    This agreement is made on October 15, 2021, by  
("Owner" or "You"), whose address is: Street:  , City:  , State:  , Zip code     Email address:  
Day area code and phone #:       Night area code and phone #:  
and, Inc. ("NewKadia" or "We", "Us" or "Our"), 125 Noble Street, Suite 300, Norristown, PA 19401.
    You and we agree:

1.  Overview.  You are the Owner of comic books (the "books"). This Agreement is for NewKadia to sell your books on consignment under these terms:

2.  Shipping Books to NewKadia.  You select a shipping method: A, B, or C:
  • A You ship the books at your expense by USPS, UPS or FedEx, insured with delivery confirmation.
  • B You deliver the books.  [For an appointment, call 610-277-3000, M-F, 10 to 5 pm EST].
  • C NewKadia arranges for the insured shipping of the books by sending you pre-paid UPS shipping labels and UPS picks up at your location, or by another carrier. (USA only) Call 610-277-3000, M-F 10 am to 5 pm EST to agree to an insurance amount. Our fee to arrange the insured shipping of all the books to us is $ which includes aggregate insurance coverage of $ . This fee is deducted from any amounts due you.   (If shipping by UPS, we'll send a shipping label to stick on each box).

  • 3.  Other Items.  Any bags, boards and boxes the books are shipped in and/or anything you ship other than comic books, trade paperbacks or magazine-size comics, such as cards, paperback books or non-comic magazines, become our property and we may discard or sell them without payment to you.

    4.  Risk of Loss.  We will insure and bear the risk of loss for each book from the time we receive it until its buyer gets it. If a book is unsold and returned to you, we bear the risk of loss until it is delivered to your address.

    5.  Procedure.  We grade each book using Overstreet Price Guide standards. We have sole discretion as to each book's grade and you agree to accept our grading. We will place your books on sale at the approximate rate of 1,500 per week. Each book's Initial Price is its Overstreet value at the grade we assign. Each book's price drops approximately 1% every 8 months it remains unsold. A comic unsold for less than 60 days may also be reduced up to 16.5% but only if, in our sole opinion, we are overstocked on the specific issue. A comic unsold for 60 or more days may be reduced up to 33% if in our sole opinion it is overstocked, and/or as a part of a storewide sale or discount coupon offer. When a book sells, we ship it to its buyer.

    6.  Reports.  When your books go on sale, we will email you instructions to access your online sales report. Your report lists each book, its condition, when it sold, amount received and your share of the amount received.

    7.  We will Pay You:
    For each book that sells for:       We will pay you:
    a.   $500 or more80% of the amount we receive for that book less $3.99*, or
    b.   $250 to $499.9970% of the amount we receive for that book less $3.99*, or
    c.   $100 to $249.9960% of the amount we receive for that book less $3.99*, or
    d.   $50 to $99.9955% of the amount we receive for that book less $3.99*, or
    e.   $0.01 to $49.9950% of the amount we receive for that book less $3.99*
    or $0.20, whichever is more (for a DC or Marvel comic; $0.10 for a comic from any other publisher).

    * The $3.99 per book fee decreases to $2.99 only for comics with a cover price of 35¢ or less, but only if you send 250 or more books with a cover price of 35¢ or less and you select option A or B in section 2.

    * The $3.99 per book fee increases to $4.19 if you select option C in Section 2.
    i.    If you send 15 or more copies of any specific issue, we may return some or all to you at your expense.   If you send 4 or more copies of any specific issue, we will pay you 40% of the amount received less the per book fee for each copy of that specific issue, or $0.08 per copy whichever is more.
    ii.   Buyers pay a shipping charge (and in some cases, sales tax) but you do not receive any of it.
    iii.   If a book sells more than 4 months after it goes on sale, each book's per book fee increases by $1.00.

    8.  Payment.   For books sold each month, we will mail your share on the 25th of the next month. But, if your share is under $100, we will withhold payment until the 25th of the month after your share reached $100. If you select option C in Section 2, the fee described in Section 2 will be deducted in full from amounts due you before we pay you any amount.

    9.  Unsold books.  Starting 48 months after your books go on sale and not before, for unsold books, you can:
          a.  Send us written notice that you want all unsold books returned. We pay for return shipping in the USA. (Outside the USA, you pay). We may return them unbagged and unboarded.
          b.  Do nothing and the books remain on sale.

    10.  Warranty.  You warrant that you own and have clear title to each book. There are no other warranties or representations by either you or NewKadia, other than those in this Agreement.

    11.  Arbitration.  All disputes or claims arising out of or related to this Agreement must be resolved by binding arbitration before a single arbitrator in Montgomery County, PA before the American Arbitration Association pursuant to its rules for commercial arbitration.

    12.  Other.  (A) This Agreement is the entire agreement between you and NewKadia regarding the subject matter contained in it and it supersedes any discussions, projections and statements made by our representatives and/or employees and/or anything (other than this Agreement) which appears at concerning the subject matter contained in this agreement.   (B)  Any change to this Agreement must be in writing and signed by you and NewKadia.
     Don't ship any books until after you speak to us.    Call 610-277-3000, 10am to 5pm EST, M-F
    Signature of Owner                                     date
    Signature of, Inc.         date
    Enclose a copy of this agreement in each box you send.
    Rev. 7/12/17

    Your pop-up blocker must be turned off
    Shipping Checklist

      1.  Agreement:   Fill in the blanks in the agreement by typing, and then Print and sign it. Place a copy in each box, on top of the comics.

      2.  Contact us:   Do not ship unless you have spoken to us by phone.  610-277-3000, M-F, 10 am to 5 pm EST

      3.   Packing
                Use heavy duty packing tape to seal each box.
                Pack boxes tightly so books don't move. Shake box. If you hear any noise, re-pack it tighter.
                Do not use styrofoam peanuts.
                Pack so each comic is placed in the same direction.
                Sort comics so all of the same title are next to each other. If you do not, we can return the books to you,
                        at your expense for you to sort them correctly.
                Only ship comics, trade paperbacks or magazine-sized comics.
                        Do not ship trading cards, non-comic magazines, paperback books or posters.

      4.   Number each box:   For example, if you ship 2 boxes, number them "Box 1 of 2", and "Box 2 of 2", like this:
    Box 1 of 2
    Receiving Dept.
    125 Noble St., Suite 301
    Norristown, PA 19401-4470
    Box 2 of 2
    Receiving Dept.
    125 Noble St., Suite 301
    Norristown, PA 19401-4470
      5A.   If you are shipping the books to us:
                Ship 'U.S. Media Mail Rate' with Delivery Confirmation and insurance.

      5B.   If you are deliverying books in person
                Call 1-610-277-3000, weekdays from 10 am to 5 p.m. to make an appointment.

      5C.   If you want us to arrange and pay for shipping
                Call 1-610-277-3000, weekdays from 10 am to 5 p.m. to discuss.

    Approximate comic weight:
      8 comics = 1 pound.   Shipping 320 comics (40 lbs) by Media Mail is approximately $19.42 (about 6¢:/book) + insurance.
      5 comics with comic board and bag = 1 pound.   Shipping 200 comics bagged & boarded (40 lbs) by Media Mail is $19.42 + insurance.

      If shipping 5,000 or more comics

      To ship 5,000 or more comics, it might be cheaper if you put the boxes on a pallet, shrink-wrapped. It's easy, (A) Call Packing Service, Inc ( at 1-888-722-5774 or another packing service to shrink wrap your boxes to a pallet and (b) Go to or another shipping or freight company to get a shipping cost.

    Type your return address first and then print your labels.

    Your pop-up blocker must be turned off



    Box _______ of _______

    Receiving Dept.
    125 Noble St., Suite 301    
    Norristown, PA  19401-4470

    Media Mail
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